Updates, New Knowledge, and Things to Come

Greetings friends, acquaintances, strangers, humans, aliens, and fairies alike!

I’m back after a long, long hiatus. 2022 has been off to a crazy start. Life has thrown me curveball after curveball, and obstacle after obstacle.

I’m about to give a quick, bullet point list of everything that’s happened so far. If you don’t care at all about what has happened in my life, please skip ahead to the bottom. There are genuinely no hard feelings, and I know people are busy- so read what interests you! The bottom will have the exciting stuff like what’s to come and what to expect from now on!

2022 Highlights

  • Lost one of my best friends to addiction. It was and has been one of the biggest struggles of my life.
  • I bought a camper to tow behind my van and move into!
  • My van was stolen.
  • Found out NOTHING on my camper works properly.
  • My van was returned, only thing missing was my keys.
  • Went to a music festival. Had a complete mental breakdown and started having severe hallucinations.
  • Lease in Denver ended.
  • Moved back into my van, since my camper isn’t livable.
  • Broke up with my long term partner.
  • Cried A LOT. Over the loss of friends, relationships, goals, expectations, and dreams.
  • Settled the $48,000 insurance claim that was caused to a building when Luna rolled into it.
  • Luna the van broke down. Stayed in a hotel temporarily, she’s now working 70% of the time.
  • Traveled a lot.
  • Went to several weddings.
  • I bought my own land. 2.35 beautiful acres, far away from other people!
  • Worked a lot.
  • Camped a lot.
  • Spent countless hours every weekend working on my camper and learning how to do the repairs myself.
  • Learned how to change my oil.
  • Lost my keys in the desert.
  • Lost my wallet 6 hours before boarding a plane.
  • Attended my baby brother’s high school graduation.
  • Decided I’m going to start my own photography business.
  • Took a commitment to be consistent about my blog, my goals, my businesses, and my desire to reach my dreams.

The obstacles and hardships have made me stronger and my mistakes have turned into lessons.

So where am I going from here and what is coming?

With me deciding to start my own pet photography business, I have signed up for multiple photography courses (both animal and non-animal specific). I will be increasing my knowledge about camera skills, working with animals, meeting clients, and starting my own business. I will eventually be able to travel with my photography course, booking clients for adventures across the country!

This will help move me into my next career move. Once I have a piece of property closer to Denver (or whichever city I’m near at the time), I will have my own dog/cat/horse boarding/daycare/shelter.

I will use my photography and boarding and day care to fund my nonprofit shelter. I will travel the country saving animals that are about to be put down!

I have learned SO much already about camper repair and am going to continue expanding my knowledge. I’m going to start documenting the repairs I’ve already done, as well as everything new I’m doing and learning. (Will start by documenting through blog and have *considered* starting a YouTube.)

I am taking my motorcycle licensing course, and plan on getting my bike in the next few months.

I am going to be taking an auto mechanics class and will share knowledge I have learned and utilized from that.

I have signed up for an online dog training course, and afterwards will be taking an animal nutritionist course. I want to learn every and anything I can about dogs, so I have plenty of opportunities to work with and help them.

I want to start writing more, and have committed myself to a MINIMUM of one blog post a week. I want to eventually gain a big enough following within my writing that I can ACTUALLY make a difference. I want to partner with eco friendly companies, I want to spread the word of how to live more consciously, and I want to make an actual change in the World around me.

So for now, I’m taking this life day by day. I’m learning as I go, and growing as I fail. I’m taking risks and being up for every challenge I encounter along the way. I know I have the ability to create my dream life and to manifest my desires, it’s time to start doing that! I’m learning to keep rolling with the curveballs, to keep updating and changing my goals, to run with an idea that gives me passion… no matter what that may look like.

Having belief in yourself is the most important step. An unwavering confidence in your abilities. A way to push back doubts, when they begin to creep into your mind and heart. And having a spark in your soul, that can be reignited, when times start to seem tough.

Soooo stay tuned for everything that is to come. And if you have ideas or questions of things you would like to learn more about- comment or reach out! Would love to collaborate with others!



Name is Jess, 20 something. A dreamer. A doer. A business owner. A dog hiker. A fur baby mom. A traveler. An athlete. An aspiring photographer and writer.

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Jessi the Dreamer

Name is Jess, 20 something. A dreamer. A doer. A business owner. A dog hiker. A fur baby mom. A traveler. An athlete. An aspiring photographer and writer.